Thanks for all your very informative posts....... They were eye
opening!   Yes, Caboodle is an outdoor santuary, but my cats have
always been indoor/outdoor cats, so this is what I want, BUT if 
it is over crowded, which is is bound to be if they have no limit
on taking in new cats, I don't want any part of it!  

Otherwise my cats are used to being around lots of strange cats, as
we have rescued cats all our lives, and they are used to seeing new
cats around.  I hope to find a santuary where the cats can be
outdoors in fenced in acreage, but NOT over crowded. This is probably
going to be very difficult to find. 


On 02-25, Gloria Lane wrote:

> Certainly not all sanctuaries are in the "bad" category and good
> folks start them with good intentions and plans and can be
> successful.
> But any place your cats move, they will have to make an adjustment.
> They're probably not used to quantities of cats.  Check out the
> options in your local area, and ask what the procedure is when they
> take in and care for cats.  And for vet care-do they have a vet
> associated with thir facility? What is the age of the person
> running the facility and what are their future plans? Are your cats
> outdoor cats?  I think Caboodle Ranch is all outdoor cats.
> Just some thoughts-
> Gloria

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