I was thinking this morning about this group-All of us trying to save or 
our kitty's lives, or to keep them comfortable for as long as possible. Trying 
different treatments or none-we are all the same. Getting comfort or 
condolences.......it's a hard journey. I can say that I have tried different 
things with my 6-Spent a huge fortune-so far lost 5 in 2 yrs and now having to 
watch Rosie in a downward spiral. Nothing has worked to save mine, maybe 
prolonged their lives by what...minutes, days, months-I don't know. Two and a 
half years ago, I had never heard of this damn disease-maybe because I hadn't 
had a cat in over a decade, just Aussies and horses. God bless the really 
special people who take in positive kitties knowing there is heartache up the 
road, but have saved them from being euthanized because of a positive 
test-they're not all accurate. I am rambling, I am sad-but so grateful for all 
the shoulders to cry on. Every time I log on, more babies have gone to the 
bridge, finally free to play together and wait for us.  Alice
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