I don't like PETA either, but the point is made - Check out sanctuaries before 
sending ANY animal there. Something too few people do.

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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] PETA
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Date: Saturday, February 26, 2011, 4:51 PM

I don't think they like flies more than cats, I think they consider all life
equal - "a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy" so a rat's life, a pig's life,
and a boy's life are all equal in their minds.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make is that PETA made this video.  PETA
is (from how I follow, or attempt to follow, their thinking) against
sanctuaries.  I no longer trust video tape.  I have worked some as an extra
in the television industry and you can put ABSOLUTELY anything in front of a
green screen and make it look real.  I had a friend who had a friend who
worked on animal cops and the friend swears it is all staged - or maybe
"mostly" staged  - that there may be some issues but nothing like what is
shown.  I don't trust anything  I haven't seen with my OWN eyes and I
certainly am NOT going to trust a PETA video about ANYTHING.

On Sat, Feb 26, 2011 at 7:33 AM, Lorrie <felineres...@kvinet.com> wrote:

> Kelley,  Thanks for reminding us about PETA. I used to give them
> donations, but when I found out what they did to cats I never gave
> them another cent, and I've tried to spread the word about all the
> cats they kill.  I suppose they do some good in other areas, but cats
> certainly get the worst treatment imaginable, and I also agree they
> are nutty as fruit cakes when it comes to flies...... I read about
> the humane fly trap they sent Pres. Obama....... How can they
> consider the lives of flies more valuable than the lives of cats!!
> Lorrie
> > On 02-25, Kelley Saveika wrote:  As far as the original article
> > goes, it was an article by PETA, which I > trust about as far as I
> > can kick a plastic grocery bag (not far, have you > ever tried it)?
> > PETA operates a "shelter" with a 97% kill rate and had employees caught
> > disposing of animal carcasses in dumpsters after having gone to
> > other shelters and gotten the animals out and promised to find them
> homes.
> > They  were not charged with cruelty but were fined for illegal dumping or
> > something of that nature.
> >
> > Ingrid Newkirk has advocated killing animals as a means to not having to
> > worry about them.
> >
> > PETA believes we should not have house pets and should just enjoy
> > looking at animals from a distance.
> >
> > They gave President Obama a humane fly trap since they saw him kill
> > a fly on TV.
> >
> > I think they are nutty as fruit cakes.
> >
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