My reply to this got bounced because it was too big a file but I want to say it 
again just in case it doesn't get posted to the list.  I think it's important 
for foster parents to know that one combo test cannot be trusted.  I have had 
every cat or kitten that came into my house combo tested before I ever exposed 
them to the rest of the cats.  From the first cat I ever took in to the very 
last.  They all showed negative for FeLV before I took them.  Even the kitty 
that died was negative on her first combo test that was done almost two years 
ago.  It's kind of scary to know that.  You could take in a FeLV positive kitty 
that tested negative on her first test and not even know it.
We have that statement in our adoption contract that not all diseases will show 
at the time of the first test so we cannot 100% guarantee the health of each 
cat.  But it's so easy to assume that if they tested negative once then it's 
true.  I learned my lesson.

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> The moral of the story is that all cats coming into a home or foster home
> where there are other cats, must be combo tested! It's not a huge expense in
> the big scheme of things, but necessary!
> That's how I always feel - if a good home cannot be found, the cats stays
> here....and sometimes, a really good adopter who doesn't necessarily want a
> kitten comes along and wants an older cat! It's so much harder parting with
> a cat that has been here for a while than parting with kittens. I have also
> learned a hard lesson to never separate two cats that are really good
> friends!
> Good luck with finding a good home!
> Natalie
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> I think you're right. I couldn't adopt out to a person without telling them
> everything. It's not right to do that and I would feel so guilty. Then
> it's their decision as to whether they want him or not. The kitty did test
> negative yesterday so there's hope he won't or doesn't have it but time will
> tell. Yeah, I think I'll just try to find him a home as the only cat. If I
> can't find him a home, he can stay with me. I've already decided to keep
> most of my fosters since I found out so what's one more as they say!
> Thanks for your input. You kind of confirmed what I had been thinking. I
> just wanted to hear it from someone else.
> I wish I had known the kitty that had it was positive before she died. She
> didn't show any symtoms until the day before she died. Her breathing was
> kind of shallow and rapid so I took her to the vet and they found that she
> was bleeding in her chest and she died while we were talking about it. They
> did the necropsy and saw the huge tumor in her chest and the vet said it
> ruptured a vein or something around her heart. The vet was curious about it
> because the kitty was not yet two years old so she did a combo test and it
> came out with a strong positive for FeLV. If I had known I wouldn't have
> ever taken in any more fosters but I had no clue. She tested negative as a
> kitten and never looked sick so I had no reason to suspect it. It sucks. I
> love them all but she was special to me.
> "I am not interested to know whether vivisection produces results that are
> profitable to the human race or doesn't..the pain which it inflicts upon
> unconsenting animals is the basis of my enmity toward it, and it is to me
> sufficient justification of the enmity without looking further." - Mark
> Twain
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> > 
> > That does present a problem - that's precisely the reason why I cannot mix
> > the cats..... I cannot take the chance that a cat getting adopted from us
> > might possibly infect an adopter's cat. If they were all here to stay, I
> > would definitely do it. I also do not mix FIV with FeLV - don't want to
> > expose each to yet another disease - not fair to them, as long I have
> > separate areas for each group.
> > Follow your instinct....if you believe that the kitten would be happy
> being
> > the only one in a household, try to find one without another cat. I would
> > not take the chance with someone's cat, and it wouldn't be fair NOT to
> tell
> > an adopter the situation, right?
> > 
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