Good for you. Mine r healthy too. If it an broke ,don't fix it. It the cat 
tests neg. why wait for it to be positive? regards, CAthy

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Ideally, when a cat is tested for anything, FIV/FeLV, it should be isolated
for three months and retested.  However, rescue groups cannot do it because
of space limitations, especially isolation areas.
When a cat tests negative, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's true - the
cat may just have been exposed to it, and it would show up 3 months
I've never had a FIV cat living with healthy ones, nor can I do it as a
rescue organization.  However, we had one cat that tested negative for
FIV/FeLV, and many years later, started being vet asked for some
blood test at the lab, but they mistakenly tested for FIV - it turned out
that she was positive.  No one living with her ever became sick, to this
day.  She died about two years later at age 14/15.  However, FIV is not as
serious as FeLV, which seems increasingly more mysterious to me after having
been reading all the posts about FeLV+ cats living with healthy ones. The
two FeLV+ cats we have, are very healthy, exhibit absolutely no signs of any
symptoms. I'm not sure what exactly it means when someone says that a FeLV
cat with no symptoms could be a carrier; it can't be that the cat is
perfectly healthy and can't mean that at some point, will not become
symptomatic, does it?  I do everything I can to keep them very healthy with
supplements, good food, TLC, etc.   

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I've heard from some of the vets that FeLV can hide in the bone marrow for a
while before ever showing up on a combo test.  How long do you think that
can happen before the combo tests shows positive?  Anyone have experience
with this?  If the FeLV + cat and the other cat have been living together
for a year and the healthy cat's combo test was negative after a year
together with lots of exposure, is there a chance it is still hiding in the
healthy cat's bone marrow and not showing up yet?  It seems to me that a
year would be enough time for the virus to show up in a test.

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