I can not emphasize this enough.  The very best food for your cat is the food 
s/he will eat.  Our perception of what a good food is and a cat's is usually 
polar opposites.  I feed the highest quality food mine will eat.  Right now 
that happens to be the Fancy Feast pate styles - they are grain free and mine 
love them.  For now anyway.
Good luck

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I have found that my cats, even Amber my felv cat does not care for the more 
"expensive/healthy" food. I fed her that at first and after she got past her 
starvation mode,(a time when she was grateful for anything to eat), she would 
not eat it as well. I switched to the Meow Mix shredded with gravy and they all 
love that. I tried feeding my other cats the "healthy stuff" as well and they 
tried to cover it up like it was a bowel movement..LOL. 

Amber will eat cooked chicken but my other cats won't eat anything but cat 

I aree with supplementing their junk food cat food with real meat if you can 
them to eat it. I am feeding Amber the Fancy Feast brand as well, but it not 
really a "healthy" brand... It is not cheap in price though. 


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