These guys are wonderful but not the kind you can put medicine on. For numerous very good reasons, they consider me a good source of food, the area a good source of shelter and that is it. I can touch them sometimes and have tnr them (the price of the above) but good contact isn't an option. And when things go in the food, all of them n=may get it. This isn't bad since they are a very close crew, napping, eating and hanging out together. I suspect that they get the same problems so mass treatment isn't a bad thing. Any information is truly appreciated. Three of the five cats showed up at older ages. We just go through treating one at the vets' for a tick borne disease (tick found on 12/27 when no tick should be around in southern KY)-- read $1000+ vet bill but Red is healthy and happy right now. Like I said, we do what we can do.

On Mar 30, 2011, at 3:40 PM, Christiane Biagi wrote:

Ringworm can be tricky... Had a kitten who I brought up from a shelter who had it. Not the worst thing in the world but untreated, it will spread & harm cat. Vet gave me a liquid to apply & in a few weeks, it cleared up. There's also a pill medicine that can be used but it does have a bit more risk. Have a friend who has been using the generic people ringworm paste for years & says it works fine--a lot cheaper than prescription. Are these cats that you could apply a lotion on? If so, I can ask what human stuff
she uses & how much..  If not, I can dig around for info on the pills.

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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Cat Foof

Pine horse bedding works well for a litter.  My guys came from a pine
thicket so it works really well with them. 40 pounds for $8 (?). Of course I change it a lot more often than the clay but I can throw it in a field or use it as mulch or whatever (turns to sawdust). Sounds like you have the
litter issue down though.  Raw (for people who like
it) meat and lightly cooked with lots of juices really extends food and it is truly good for cats. A neighbor just gave me two large roasts that had
some freezer friends don't mind.  As far as fish including
mackeral and salmon....I break teh pieces into something akin to mush and mix some extra water in...then let it sit for a few minutes or more. The
ferals get more water and eat the fish.

Glad for the information on Purina Hairball. It is hard to know what ferals
need.  Does anyone have experience with ringworm and ferals?

I don't know if any of these guys are FeLV+ or not. I have refused to have
them tested.  They have been together for so long that it just doesn't
matter (re passing the virus on) and I do the very best I can for them
health wise.

On Mar 30, 2011, at 8:20 AM, Katy Doyle wrote:

My animals love all of the Blue Buffalo flavors (cats and dog), I'm
lucky because mine are not picky eaters. However, they tend to throw
up when they eat other brands... I can't figure out why. So I've
started by mixing Purina Hairball with the Blue Buffalo to make it
stretch longer.

I'm also going to start to cook up some meat for them as a supplement.
:-) Buddy LOVES roast beef! Weird right?

Cat litter, I go to Sam's (or Costco, depends on where you live) and
get the
50 lb bag of clay cat litter for $7 and mix it with the "nicer"
litter. It still works great and it stretches the good stuff further.
I don't know anything about reverse mortgages, I just bought my first
house (I'm 23) about a hear ago. Having special needs cats is
difficult when money is tight and I'm just starting out on my own.


On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 10:38 PM, <> wrote:

My pride is on Blue Buffalo "DUCK".  For some reason, they do not
like chicken no matter what brand of food.  Occassionaly, I get them
some Mackeral canned for humans and they love it, broth only.  Why
they don't eat the meat I don't know.  It seems that the stronge the
smell, the better they like it.  Salmon also turns them off.  Turkey
is so so.  Beef is also so so.
Saw a food the other day that is buffalo meat, thought I might try
it. Do know one thing, these healthy foods are breaking the bank. 7
cats go thru 2 bags a month (x $33.00 per bag.
I have found a cheaper source of litter.  They like World's Best
which is made from corn. I can cut cost more by buying horse bedding
made from coursely ground corn and corn cobs.  Doesn't work too good
with the scoopers, but does the job of stopping odor and clumps well
enough.  Things are getting tight, money wise and am going back to
work at 70 as soon as I get a job of some kind.  SS does not cut it
when heating bills go up and insurance costs are added in.  Has
anyone had experience with reverse mortgagees?  Been thinking about
that.  At least it would keep the cats and I in our home.
---- Christiane Biagi <> wrote:
They aren't thrilled w. Turkey but LOVE that Sardines, Shrimp &
Crab.  We rotate through the different "flavors" cause we wouldn't
want the little buggers to get bored with their food-LOL.  They
finally agreed to all eat some Blue Buffalo Lite dry but it took a
bit of doing.  They're not
or anything!

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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Cat Foof

My cats eat canned "Wellness" but only the salmon and turkey flavor.
Go figure.
They *Love* "Prarie" chicken dryed catfood.  It's pretty good
nutrition-wise.  And no, it's not made out of 'prarie chickens'...
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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Cat Foof

They can be fussy, can't they! LOL  My brood eats wellness canned
when I tried wellness dry as supplement, they turned up their
Have a friend who had a cat that lived to her early 20's--
wouldn't eat
anything xcept 9-Lives (which is not the worst food in the world).

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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Cat Foof

I have found that my cats, even Amber my felv cat does not care for
the more "expensive/healthy" food. I fed her that at first and
she got past her starvation mode,(a time when she was grateful for
anything to eat), she would not eat it as well. I switched to the
Mix shredded with gravy and they all love that. I tried feeding my
other cats the "healthy stuff" as well and they tried to cover it
like it was a bowel movement..LOL.

Amber will eat cooked chicken but my other cats won't eat
anything but
cat food.

I aree with supplementing their junk food cat food with real meat
you can get them to eat it. I am feeding Amber the Fancy Feast
as well, but it not really a "healthy" brand... It is not cheap in
price though.


From: MaiMaiPG <>
Sent: Mon, March 28, 2011 8:47:40 AM
Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Cat Foof

You may want to supplement what ever food you chose with chicken,
ground beef or tuna. I've been able to get whole chicken at 69 or
cents a pound near the end of sell by date and recently picked up a
couple of hundred cans of tuna at
39 cents each. When you figure out the per pound price you are
a lot less than cat food and using all of the product. Before
jumps on me, the tuna is for putting meds in and is usually
divided by
6 cats or by 2 cats and a dog. I would never feed it entirely.

I can feed 7 cats and a dog for 3-4 days with a whole chicken. Same
with hamburger.
On Mar 28, 2011, at 7:08 AM, Katy Doyle wrote:

And that subject is supposed to be "cat food"... Typos!

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On Mar 28, 2011, at 8:07 AM, Katy Doyle

What kind of food do you feed your cats?

I was feeding the Blue Buffalo and I really liked it, but it is
getting too expensive because of my furlough days at work.

I'm looking for something affordable but still good for cats that


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