My cats eat canned "Wellness" but only the salmon and turkey flavor. Go figure. They *Love* "Prarie" chicken dryed catfood. It's pretty good nutrition-wise. And no, it's not made out of 'prarie chickens'...
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They can be fussy, can't they! LOL My brood eats wellness canned but when I tried wellness dry as supplement, they turned up their noses. Have a friend
who had a cat that lived to her early 20's--wouldn't eat anything xcept
9-Lives (which is not the worst food in the world).

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I have found that my cats, even Amber my felv cat does not care for the more "expensive/healthy" food. I fed her that at first and after she got past her
starvation mode,(a time when she was grateful for anything to eat), she
would not eat it as well. I switched to the Meow Mix shredded with gravy and
they all love that. I tried feeding my other cats the "healthy stuff" as
well and they tried to cover it up like it was a bowel movement..LOL.

Amber will eat cooked chicken but my other cats won't eat anything but cat

I aree with supplementing their junk food cat food with real meat if you can
get them to eat it. I am feeding Amber the Fancy Feast brand as well, but
it not really a "healthy" brand... It is not cheap in price though.


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You may want to supplement what ever food you chose with chicken, ground
beef or tuna. I've been able to get whole chicken at 69 or 79 cents a pound near the end of sell by date and recently picked up a couple of hundred cans
of tuna at
39 cents each. When you figure out the per pound price you are paying a lot less than cat food and using all of the product. Before anyone jumps on me,
the tuna is for putting meds in and is usually divided by 6 cats or by 2
cats and a dog. I would never feed it entirely.

I can feed 7 cats and a dog for 3-4 days with a whole chicken. Same with
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And that subject is supposed to be "cat food"... Typos!

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What kind of food do you feed your cats?

I was feeding the Blue Buffalo and I really liked it, but it is
getting too expensive because of my furlough days at work.

I'm looking for something affordable but still good for cats that are


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