This is in Greenwich, CT - not a lot cheaper elsewhere in the state, except
up NE/NW.  But our vets charge us a lot less, and using FoA certificates is
still the cheapest.

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That is ridiculous.  The most I have paid is about $200 and that is  
laser with 3 days extra boarding (Lost two beautiful cats 3 days after  
they were spayed.  Different vets, unrelated cats within a couple of  
months of each other and had problems finding a vet as they died in my  
arms....won't happen again).

On Apr 16, 2011, at 12:58 PM, Natalie wrote:

> Part of it is understandable if you consider the extremely high cost  
> of
> veterinarians - and most people are not aware of low-cost  
> certificates, and
> the worst is that so few vets participate in those programs. I found  
> out
> that in our area, a spay can be as much as $500 for a female cat -  
> who, but
> the very rich (and they don't even want to part with their money)  
> can afford
> this?  When we were spaying and neutering cats that we trapped in  
> Mexico,
> the vet charged us (his regular price) $55!!!!! Of course, for  
> locals, even
> that is a terrifically high cost, that's why we paid for them.   
> People are
> to blame for these horrible consequences - nobody should be  
> homeless, not
> even animals. There was a show last Sunday morning on CBS with Charles
> Osgood - about animals, how many dogs and cat owners there are in  
> the USA,
> how popular they are and how well they are cared for, pampered,  
> doted on, to
> extremes....NOT a single word about cats and dogs languishing in
> kill-shelters, in back alleys scrounging for survival, tortured and  
> abused,
> dying from preventable diseases, hunger, and extreme weather....I've  
> been
> too busy to write them a letter, although I still plan to.  The  
> story made
> it seem like all's well with cats and dogs!  Natalie
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> If only all people would neuter/spay their animals, the world would  
> be much
> better and we would be spared the heartache of dealing with the  
> deaths of
> our furbabies we have adopted.  Can not understand why people refuse  
> to do
> this and why they just dispose of the unwanted babies by throwing  
> them out
> for someone else to care for or to be killed by a car or dog or  
> coyote.
> ---- Heather Clark <> wrote:
>> My heart aches for your loss.  You gave Rosie, Murphy, and her  
>> brothers
> all
>> you could.  They were safe, loved, and comfortable.  Bless you for  
>> taking
>> such good care of them and knowing when to let them cross the  
>> bridge.  You
>> will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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>> It breaks my heart, immensely!!! I am so sorry for your loss!
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>>> Rosie passed last...
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