Cat bites can be very serious!  If you have any antibiotics at home and
antibiotic cream for the bite (hope you washed it and disinfected it really
well) - use them immediately!  
Unfortunately, whenever there's a cat bite, the doctor may have to notify
Animal Control, and the cat may have to be in quarantine (it can be in your
house) - but as long as you have the rabies certificate, it's safe to assume
that not much will be done about Amber! 
I would take the bite seriously; play it by ear - if it gets any worse, go
to the emergency room!
I was bitten on my thumb at the nail bed - OMG, did that hurt!  I
immediately took antibiotics and used cream on finger.  I was fine. Good

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Last night I had Amber in my lap upstairs. I am trying to get her use to
the other cats and use to the upstairs life. I had the IFA test performed by

another vet and will hear from it next week. I am being optimistic so I
to get a head start on getting her acclamated. My youngest cat Moses decided
suddenly jump in my lap with her and Amber freaked out! In the process of 
holding on to her she bit me very hard on my hand. It hurt so bad and still 
does. It is red and slightly swollen. My husband thinks I am being paranoid 
about it, but I had a friend who almost lost his arm due to infection from a
bite. Should I visit the doctor??
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