My cat Pootie bit me in March and it was infected within 12 hours.  I ended up 
in the ER and they said had I not come in, it could have killed me.  Get to the 
ER and when asked whose cat just tell them yours and the cat has its shots.  
They never asked for proof of rabies on my cat, no one ever came to my house or 
called me nor did they even ask the cat's name.  But, DO go to the doctor or ER 
ASAP.  That is nothing to play around with.  I was at the ER until 4:30 am 
getting IV antibiotics.
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> I've read all the responses and everyone guided you well. If you don't have 
> a rabies tag for her, then don't tell him it's your cat (like you were 
> advised). In my opnion, I don't think they would let you quarantine her at 
> home since you have other animals. It's not worth the risk.
> Please, please keep us posted. I do hope you have medicated it well after 
> washing the affected area.
> Sending luck your way, Jannes!
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> Last night I had Amber in my lap upstairs. I am trying to get her use to 
> seeing
> the other cats and use to the upstairs life. I had the IFA test performed by
> another vet and will hear from it next week. I am being optimistic so I 
> wanted
> to get a head start on getting her acclamated. My youngest cat Moses decided 
> to
> suddenly jump in my lap with her and Amber freaked out! In the process of
> holding on to her she bit me very hard on my hand. It hurt so bad and still
> does. It is red and slightly swollen. My husband thinks I am being paranoid
> about it, but I had a friend who almost lost his arm due to infection from a 
> cat
> bite. Should I visit the doctor??
> Jannes
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