This is the first bite I have had that concerned me...most have been nips with broken skin but nothing deep. However, I wash them to death and keep a very close eye on them. It is part of the feral world. However, anything on a thin skin area, hands, face, feet, gets special attention.
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Yes, it is usually a very deep bite to require medical treatment. When Pootie bit me (don't know why, he was sleeping and it was about 3 am) he bit clear through to the muscle of my forearm. I couldn't even move my hand all day :(


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Wow! Reading all of these messages with bad experience with cat bites, I consider myself VERY lucky. I've gotten bit a lot, but it sounds like it has to be a deep puncture type bite. Is this correct? I'm glad that you have shared your experiences. I bet most of us now won't mess around if we get
bit. I know I won't!

Jannes - what have you done so far? How are you feeling? Let us hear from
you soon :0) I'm hoping you have a good outcome!

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OMG - when I got bit a couple months ago I just ran inside and washed it out really good with soap and water. That was it. Guess I was lucky. I had read that soap and water are good enough as long as you wash it good so now when I get scratched I just use soap and water. Anyway, I never went to the doc until three weeks later for something else. That's when I talked to him about it and he fussed at me. Guess I'll be more careful next time.

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Wash the wound with antibiotic soap and keep antibiotic ointment on it. Also treat with hot compresses. It will draw white blood cells to the
area. The Dr told me to do this.
Autumn bit the fire out of me when I was 6 months pregnant. My hand
swelled up and was red and sore. I never developed streaks, but went to Urgent Care for antibiotics. Make sure you eat your yogurt, if you get
them. They are STRONG. FELV + have filthy mouths:-/
I also urge you not to tell them that it was your cat. Just emphasize that
said cat had it's rabies shot.
~Susan A

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Last night I had Amber in my lap upstairs. I am trying to get her use to
the other cats and use to the upstairs life. I had the IFA test
performed by
another vet and will hear from it next week. I am being optimistic so I
to get a head start on getting her acclamated. My youngest cat Moses
decided to
suddenly jump in my lap with her and Amber freaked out! In the process
holding on to her she bit me very hard on my hand. It hurt so bad and
does. It is red and slightly swollen. My husband thinks I am being
about it, but I had a friend who almost lost his arm due to infection
from a cat
bite. Should I visit the doctor??
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