Hi Everyone:  

I took Cali to Dr. Wright here in Dallas as Lakewood Vet Hospital.  He is very 
compassionate and took a lot of time trying to explain what was going on.  He 
agreed that it was highly unlikely that Sasha would get the virus since Cali 
had probably had the virus from birth and they have always been indoors.  Sasha 
has been vaccinated and she also tested negative on Monday of this week.  

He is doing a IFA test to be sure of Cali's situation.  He drew blood on 
Wednesday, but then his office called yesterday and said that I needed to bring 
Cali back in because the lab (or someone) messed up the test, and it had to be 
redone.  So I still don't know the results.  

He wanted to start her on 1cc of Interferon Alpha 2B (1X a day for 7 days and 
then 1 time a week for thereafter). 

She ate really well yesterday all day long but is still really tired and 
basically wanted to eat, drink water, and sleep.

Last night, before I started the Interferon, she started breathing with short, 
fast, breaths. She was still eating and drinking well, just seemed to be 
breathing more abruptly than normal.  I went ahead and started her on the 
medication, but now this morning, she doesn't really want to eat and isn't 
drinking much water.  She is still breathing kind of hard.   I called the Vet 
and told them I wasn't going to bring her in to draw more blood today because 
she seemed nauseaed and she has been at a vet almost every day this week.  They 
tell you not to stress a cat the is FeLV+ and then you need to take them to a 
stressful environment everyday.  I don't understand.  I told them they would 
have to draw the blood on Monday morning.  

I guess my question is, can the Interferon give them nausea?  She hasn't thrown 
up, but she "smacks" her lips together, which I think is a sign that she has an 
upset stomach.  The Vet said that I needed to be concerned about her not 
eating, but she was eating before I gave her the Interferon.  

It's just last night her breathing changed to quick short breaths, before I 
started the medication, so I don't know if that is something I should be more 
concerned about more than the not eating, or what.  Too many things are 
changing, and I don't know what to do first.

Please give me some input.



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