This is for individuals ONLY to ask for help with their pets. 


Don't Litter, Fix Your Critter!   

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Go to & search for it. It is for individuals needing help with 
pets. No rescue groups.

katskat1 <> wrote:

>Beth and Natalie
>Thanks for the ideas.  I had heard of Chipin but not the Animal Wish
>List. Do I just do a search on Animal Wish List to find it?
>I didn't want to "beg", if feels weird but if these kids need it I
>guess I can learn.  My vet is helping me as much as she can but is a
>small town vet with no receptionist, no nothing.  Her office is in an
>old house in town, one exam room and a countertop with file cabinets
>behind it for paperwork.  Surgery is done in a small room in the
>basement with her mom helping to monitor heart/breathing, etc.  Sounds
>hookie but she does good work.  And she cares.  Asking the $ be sent
>directly to her is perfect!  I may give it a shot.

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