You are right. She is not feral, she just hasn't been loved. I have one inside 
my house right now who is over 10 years old, never been touched by a human, 
outside all his life, & felt behind when his caretaker  was put in a nursing 
home. I could not touch him for awhile. Now I can pick him up & he just purrs!~


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From: Bonnie Hogue <>
Sent: Monday, August 15, 2011 1:24 PM
Subject: [Felvtalk] First Petting of Hemy!

Today when I fed Hemy (she’s in a cage on my back covered deck) she ate while I 
was there.  I spoke to her and reached a finger through the cage to touch her 
head.  No problem.  Then, when I came back to clean her litter box, I took a 
chance and placed my hand on the floor of the cage and remained still.  She 
moved closer, then nudged my hand.  I stroked her cheek and she moved her head 
around in obvious pleasure.  I petted her a few moments and she purred.  
This is a “feral” cat who has, after tail amputation and being moved from her 
familiar surroundings, been in a cage on my back deck for only Five Days!
I’d say she is more afraid and cautious than feral, wouldn’t you?
I’m keeping her in the cage for now, and will go slowly so she doesn’t feel 
pressured.  But what a little sweetheart.  It pains me to think of how horribly 
humans have been to her, yet she is willing to forgive and perhaps trust 
again.  Bless her!
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