me too, i always get accused of taking care or thinking of them first, in a
kidding on the square kind of way, by my husband. he means it. But he can
open the fridge and turn on the stove..all by himself.  but yes, i worry
about the animals too. I can't watch video of flooding because i'm sure i'm
gonna see a cow floating doen the river or something.

On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 12:26 PM, Lorrie <> wrote:

> On 08-26, Bonnie Hogue wrote:
> >    Natalie
> >
> >    Good  luck  with  the  hurricane!   I  hope  there is no damage and no
> >    frightened cats!
> >
> >    ~Bonnie
> I worry more about the millions of homeless cats in NYC DC and NJ
> than I do about the people.  These animals have no place to go and
> people do. I worry just as much about the pets left behind when their
> humans evacuate..... My first thoughts are always for the animals,
> but thankfully my cats are safe. We are in the eastern mountains
> right on the border of western Maryland at 3,000 elevation.
> Lorrie
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