Blacklegged ticks (misnamed deer ticks), acquire the spirochete bacterium
from white footed mice and about another dozen or so small mammals and even

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Seed ticks are deer ticks at least around here

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> What are seed ticks?  I know about the big dog ticks and the tiny
> deer ticks. The deer ticks are very small, so are these what you
> call seed ticks? 
> > On 08-25, wrote:
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> > It is now August an boy do we have seed ticks all over the place. 
> > I had been using Revolution on my cats because of heartworm (I live
> > on bluff over a river and lots of ponds in our area, so lots of
> > mosquitos) but I took Homey to vet for sturivite crystals in urine
> > and she had some blood also.  Vet gave her a long lasting
> > antibiotic shot and now he is back to her normal self, but they
> > called and said she was loaded with seed ticks.  I check them every
> > time they come in and I never noticed any s now everyone got a dose
> > of tick treament.  I have since found a lot of them on myself, seed
> > and regular ticks.  Anyone else haeing a big problem with them?
> > 
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