My boss has 16 acres in a rural area. He's got a deer feeder there, and also
has a place WAY up north, where baby bears sometimes come to raid the animal
feeders he's got there. But he's also got like 97,000 guns of all types, and
goes out gopher-hunting on his LawnBoy. I have to really zen out when he's
talking about things he's killed. BTW, he is our county's Medical Examiner
and has seen more human devastation and death than anybody ever should have
to. I just get to see pictures of it. You would think he'd want to get as
far from death as possible in his off-time, but no.


Diane R.


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Hysterical!  L.O.L.  I love it.  The thing is, yes, some of them hunt and
actually use the meat - smoke it, make sausage with it (yuck!). At least
they are eating the deer.  But the thing is, the animal is so beautiful a
creature to behold and so delicate.   How can anyone have the heart to kill
them?  They are graceful and grace our woods and lands.  To see one in your
yard is a special and breathtaking sight.   I don't see how anyone could do



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Oh how I hate hunters. They are not conservationists, but murderers.
No hunting is allowed in our resort community, but we can hear them
in the surrounding areas getting ready for the killing, which they
think of as sport!  I love it when I read in the paper about hunting
accidents where some jerk head hunter shot his buddy instead of the


> On 09-12, Natalie wrote: 

> What really pisses me off when those damned hunters refer to
> themselves, and are referred to as the only real
> conservationists...what a joke!

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