That would be wonderful to see. I think big cats are fantastic and
beautiful.  We don't have any around here, as they were all killed
years ago, but many deer come up to our house for treats. BTW, where
do you live that you still have cougars around?

> On 09-14, wrote:

> My deer come up on the deck to say howdy to me and my cougar visits
> ever so often.  If we left things up to nature, there would be no
> overpopulation of deer, etc.  The cougar, wolve, coyote and bear
> would keep things in balance.  But of course, we all kow these
> animals are dangerous and will kill us.  They will if we are stupid
> and aggrevate them.  Run and that will trigger the preditor
> instinct.  They have to be hungry before they will deal wth humans. 
> My cougar looks at me nd then saunters on across the road.  I even
> talk to him, he turns and looks at me, sometimes snarls like I am a
> stupid old woman. We even have a bear across the river in an old
> barn and he/she has never bothered anyone arund this area.  In
> fact, you have to be lucky or really trying to catch sight of them.

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