My cat Fletch was with 3 other adult cats for a year. They had never been 
vaccinated for felv and the bet said that Fletch was born with it. So they were 
exposed unknowingly for a full year, and they all tested negative.   So I 
believe like everyone else here, it's not spread as easily as everyone thinks,  
bless you for taking care of this little life(-:

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> I came across this site, having just been informed by the vet that the 
> abandoned kitten I took in three weeks ago. Before I took it to the vet,  I 
> have been keeping it in a separate room but admit that since it seemed so 
> healthy I let it out for little walks.  I have 4 cats over 12 years old. 
> Other than walking on the same floors, they have not had contact with this 
> kitten.  In our short phone call, the vet basically said that she would 
> understand if I euthanized the cat and that she wasn't sure about false 
> positive and whether retesting would be worthwhile. The cat also has 
> hookworms.  When I took the cat in, she suggested that I give it its 
> vaccinations before waiting for test results.  I asked if the cat turned out 
> postitive, wouldn't this harm its immune system.  she said no.  Now when she 
> called she said she was surprised that the cat tested positive since, other 
> than the sore gums, which she attirbuted to teething and bad breath, she said 
> it seemed healthy.  It does seem healthy , eats well and plays. and is the 
> sweetest cat, loving and intelligent.  I am heartbroken about this. I'm sorry 
> I haven't had time to read all archives but I work from home and also take 
> care of my bedridden elderly mother.  Is there anyone out there would be kind 
> enough to give me some advice? Thank you. PS  the test done was elisa and it 
> just says "positive" the vet estimates the cat is from 5-6 months old.
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