Boy, am I glad to find this website and group.

I think my kitty, Buster (15 yo, neutered male), has FeLV.

He stopped eating about 2 1/2 years ago.  I took him to the vet who was unable 
to diagnose what was wrong with Buster, even after several visits.  I was 
unable to get an ultrasound, which she said was the next step.  She decided, 
with the information that she had, that Buster had cholangiohepatitis.

Vet put him on 5 mg prednisolone and Cyroheptadine (appetite stimulant)

After trying to wean him off, unsuccessfully, he had been on these drugs for 2 

Yesterday, I was speaking to a (different) vet on the phone, and when I 
described Buster she said she thought FeLV.  She said if he had a liver 
disease, I would see jaundice.  Buster does have a number of clinical signs:  
little appetite, slow but extreme weight loss, minor stomatitis, poor coat, 
occasional eye problems.  No fever, no wounds, no diarrhea.

In 2009, Buster's last blood test (which was fine), he had the ELISA test which 
was negative.

I forgot to mention that Buster did not get sick until I brought an 11 year old 
rescue into the home.  All of my cats (3) are indoor only

I guess my question, after this very long explanation (sorry), is are there any 
cats being treated only with prednisolone?  I am not able to take Buster to the 
vet due to a number of reasons.  After almost 3 years, he has taken a big turn 
for the worse.  Usually, rebounds (with syringe feeding), but I don't think so, 
this time

Thank you so much

debbie  & buster 

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