I am looking forward to hearing how this projects goes.  What you have been 
able to accomplish in Albuquerque is amazing.  This next step will be watched 
by rescue groups across the country.  
Keep up the good work

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We here in Albuquerque, just signed a contract with Best Friends to do very 
agressive TNR project and the city is receiving 1 million dollars from Best 
Friends in an effort.
Any healthy cats (tame or feral) who are trapped and brought over to the 
shelters are going to be spayed/neutered and returned to where they come from - 
the idea is to create NO KILL city.
We are already very agressive about TNR effort working with the city, but this 
will allow us to go to the next step.
I personally don't believe in testing cats for Felk/FIV - the idea is 
population control by spay/neuter - we simplay put them back where they come 
Also audlts cats are more resistent in getting transmitted the virus evey by 
sharing food/water bowls - this is a finding  from my personal experience -
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