In my experience, if the cat is obviously jaundiced, it may be too late to 
reverse it.  That being said, I am NOT a Vet or a Vet Tech, so I would 
recommend a trip to the Veterinarian ASAP.

The Vet may have your friend try liver support/treatment.  I had a FeLV 
negative though who became jaundiced and was unable to recover.  I put her 
down.  She was miserable and uncomfortable.  She was 7 years old.

Good luck....

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  A friend of mine has two FeLV + cats, littermates about 8 months old, and one 
has developed jaundice.  He has lost a ton of weight also.  The last couple of 
days he doesn't want to eat although he's not laying around or lethargic.  
Anyone had experience with this?  Anything that can be done or is this the end 
for him?

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