Food is the cure for FHL.  She needs to get some good syringes and start assist 
feeding both kitties ASAP.  Have her blend a jar of meat baby food (no onions 
or garlic) with a can of kitten food.  If she blends it well enough won't have 
to dilute with water.  Has more caloreis than A/D.  What counts now is calories.

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She took him to the vet.  I think it was Friday.  He just said it was because 
of the FeLV.  I don't think he recommended anything but maybe because it's a 
cat in our foster system and he didn't think we would want to spend a lot of 
money on it.  I don't know for sure.  The vet did some bloodwork and said his 
liver levels were elevated.  I think the kitty ate over the weekend but the 
last couple days he stopped.  She's been "assist" feeding him a little.  She 
was at the store in the middle of the night the other night buying him baby 
food, sardines, tuna and anything else she thought would tempt him.  She 
finally gave up and made him eat some baby food.  Oh, he drank a little kitten 
milk but didn't want it today.  I told her to mix a/d with water or chicken 
broth because that's easy to get down them.  

The other weird thing is that now his sister won't eat.  She's not yellow or 
anything but last night and today she wouldn't eat but just laid in her 
litterbox.  My friend will be taking her to the vet tomorrow.  I'll tell her 
not to give up on them yet.  I'll tell her to make sure the vet gives both of 
them sub-q fluids.  What kind of antibiotics would you suggest?

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To build on what Natalie has written.  Jaundice is a sign of liver issues.  
Hepatic Lipidosis is cured by food.  Please tell your friend to get the kitty 
to a vet ASAP.  Time is of the essence.  She can either assist feed with a 
syringe or get an e-tube to get the calories into the kitty. It takes a real 
effort to get enought food into the kitty.  Many find it easier when using an 
e-tube.  It is not painful for the kitty.  Just makes it easier for the 
caretaker.  We say assist feed not force feed.  It is a state of mind.  You are 
assisting your cat to eat.  Please tell her to join the Feline Assisted Feeding 
They have great files and will offer lots of help.  It would be better if you 
friend joined so she could benefit directly.

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