Thank you for giving Orlando all of your love. He was lucky to have you!

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  I'm so sorry for your loss.  I lost a flame point Siamese two years ago. I  
had named him Taco even though he was rescued from a vacant lot outside a Pizza 
Hut Restaurant.  I had him for about 2 years.  Then he suddenly stopped eating. 
He was diagnosed with lymphoma.  He hadn't wasted away and didn't seem to be in 
pain.  I  thought we still had some time.  However, I came home a week after 
his diagnosis and he was asleep forever.  I still haven't stopped crying.   
Such a beautiful boy and so patient with everyone.  He bonded to the other 
FeLv+ cat I had at the time, Smooch. Less than three months later, Smooch began 
wasting away, even though he was eating.  The vet couldn't figure out what was 
wrong.  Smooch passed away in a month after that.  He also went quietly to 
sleep.  I'm not much of a believer but I'd like to think that those two are 
together somewhere.  Hugs to you for taking care of Orlando when most people 
would have denied him his few years of love and compassion. 

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  Subject: [Felvtalk] Picked up Orlandos ashes today

  It has been one week since I took Orlando to the vets for the last time.  His 
tumor had gotten large enough to be causing him pain and he had stopped eating. 
 He was such a wonderful cat, my loving flame point Siamese boy.  The first 
time I met him in the rescues FeLV room he reached up and gave me a hug.  From 
then on he was my boy and I can't believe he is gone and I will never see him 
again in this world.  He was about 10 when I adopted him and that was four 
years ago.  He would come up and bite me in the butt for attention when I was 
working on the computer.  If I got up at night to go to the bathroom he would 
accompany me.  Always.  I guess that was how I knew it was time.  On the last 
night he didn't do that.  He will be SO missed.  I hate hate hate this disease.

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