You have them figured out !  The old timers around here say a coon can get into 
or out of anything.

---- Lee Evans <> wrote: 
> Well, I can give you first hand information on how raccoons get where they 
> want to go.  I was sitting on my deck out here in the middle of nowhere, 
> watching my cats eat their kibble when I heard scrabbling in one of the 
> trees.  The brave cats took off for under the house and I assumed that Batman 
> and Robin had landed.  Then a giant mama raccoon and four puff ball kits came 
> sauntering over the branches of the tree, plopped down on the deck and 
> waddled over to the feed bowl.  They cleaned it in a matter of minutes, 
> looked at me, sauntered back to the wooden railing on the deck, climbed up, 
> jumped onto the large tree branch and were gone into the night with a maximum 
> of scrabbling again and a flutter of twigs and leaves.  So that should clear 
> up any doubt about how raccoons get around. They even get on top of my roof 
> from time to time and I know they can't fly.

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Hi Lee - The feeder I saw on line showed a dry feed station up high on a pole 
but that's as far as the raccoon could climb.  It had one of those metal sheets 
that they use to keep squirrels out of bird feeders, and then the actual house 
construction on top of that to house the dry cat food. Then they had a small 
tiny cat house nearby from which the cats would go atop and jump to the feeder. 
 But acc to info on line the raccoon can't jump up there.  Wondering about 
this.  Also wondering how the cats would jump in winter when there is snow and 
ice on top of that smaller house.  Dotty 

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The "jump up" feeder wouldn't work because raccoons can climb just like cats.  
Last year, when I was feeding a colony, two mama raccoons and a total of 12 
puff balls began dining at my cat feeding station.  I got some donated dog food 
that they ate, I guess as an appetizer before they cleaned out the cat food.  I 
don't think there's any way of stopping them.  They are so cute, especially the 
little puff ball kids.  Expensive too.  As they grew enormous, one of them 
would run over to me and try to grab the feeding container out of my hands.  
Scary!  I heard that raccoons like fruit.  Maybe get some donated fruit and 
nuts, anything that cats won't eat and offer it to the raccoon?

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