Whenever someone dumps a cat around here, I always see them eating together 
with possums - it's amazing.  The first time I saw it, I was really terrified 
for the cat!

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cats and possums getting along.  That was one worry I had about feeding the 
birds, that the cats could be hurt by them.  So far, all my cats have enough 
good sense to back off when they and the coons come up to eat.  Somehow they 
seem to know they could not win a fight with either one of them.  Coons can 
kill a full grown dog, especially if they get them in enough water to hold 
their head down until the drown them.
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> I feed mine on the ground inside a bin which I have cut out the sides of so 
> they can pass through. I lean boards up   Against the sides. It's low perfect 
> for a cat and opossums but apparently too low and awkward for a raccoon to 
> get in there. I put a large deep square plastic food bin inside and a piece 
> of styrofoam on the floor inside to wedge the food bin into one place. 
> Opossums and cats get along fine so I let them share. My main issues end up 
> being ants and slugs which I use food grade diacetemous earth and sandpaper 
> to deter. I also have a rope light out there - dunno if that deters so wanted 
> to mention it. Hope that helps.
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