Oh how very true. I wish the people who don't neuter and spay could all see
this!!!  I get so sick of people who let their cats have kittens so they can
witness the miracle of life!  How I wish their kids could watch all those
precious cats and kittens being killed!!!!!!


On 06-29, Natalie wrote:
> Exposing the killing horrors to the public is the best way to call attention
> to it; as the saying goes, if shelters had to kill animals in glass houses
> in town squares, they would stop doing it - if it's out of sight, out of
> mind, and easily swept under the rug., it will continue!  People must become
> aware of it, mandatory spay/neuter laws must be passed, and legislators must
> stop taking money and be continually influenced by lobbyists who want
> nothing more than to stop it - breeders, many veterinarians, and hunting
> groups (YES, would you believe?) and many more you would never suspect, are
> against any spay/neuter legislation! But it's the ONLY answer! 
> Natalie =^..^=
> P.S.
> Maybe all of the rescuers in this group who have ideas, should take this
> offline..let's put our heads together!
> It can be done!
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> Subject: [Felvtalk] Section 1983
> Hiya Kathryn and everyone.   The federal statute you were referring to,
> Kathryn, is Section 1983, and my step-brother, Sheldon Eisenberg, is the one
> who wrote the "Section 1983 to the rescue", on Nathan's site you found, and
> Sheldon used it in court representing Cathy Nguyen and Nathan against Los
> Angeles County Dept of Animal Care and Control, which he won a stipulated
> order from the judge in that lawsuit. (Not that it does any good at all,
> now, but ...  whatever.   lol)
> I did not intend to correct any person in particular, just wanted to mention
> the name of the law, which is really easy to forget, actually, but really
> wonderful to be able to use for all being a FEDERAL STATUTE, and there are a
> lot of rescuers in here.
> ~Kat~
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> The problem here is that I'm in Texas.  Killing is the State Sport.
> Unfortunately, most of the Animal Control Officers don't even know the new
> rules, which include acceptance of TNR as a way to control outside cats.

I think killing is a favorite sport in every state!


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