You are so right Natalie........ And as for those people saying "Free
kittens to a good home", they mean anyone who will take a kitten off their


On 06-30, Natalie wrote:
> Whenever people say that, I tell them what it really is: The miracle of
> death!  First of all, the cat will most likely have the kittens at night,
> when they're away, in school....and when they say that they get good homes
> for the kittens, how can they honestly reinforce the absolute need for
> spaying/neutering to the adopters when the example they set was the exact
> opposite?  And for every kitten that is allowed to be born and a home found,
> a rescue kitten will die because homes are so scarce.
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> Oh how very true. I wish the people who don't neuter and spay could all see
> this!!!  I get so sick of people who let their cats have kittens so they can
> witness the miracle of life!  How I wish their kids could watch all those
> precious cats and kittens being killed!!!!!!
> Lorrie

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