There are so many DNA lists, which I get almost daily, of people who take
puppies and kittens, torture them, kill them, use for dog fighting....and if
they're not caught in the act, nothing is done and they continue....posting
free animals on Craigslist is the worst! And look at all those who have gone
to court for torturing, killing animals - what do they get?  A slap on the
wrist, a little fine and/or a suspended sentence.....Once in a while, it's
slightly more severe.

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You are so right Natalie........ And as for those people saying "Free
kittens to a good home", they mean anyone who will take a kitten off their


On 06-30, Natalie wrote:
> Whenever people say that, I tell them what it really is: The miracle 
> of death!  First of all, the cat will most likely have the kittens at 
> night, when they're away, in school....and when they say that they get 
> good homes for the kittens, how can they honestly reinforce the 
> absolute need for spaying/neutering to the adopters when the example 
> they set was the exact opposite?  And for every kitten that is allowed 
> to be born and a home found, a rescue kitten will die because homes are so
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> Oh how very true. I wish the people who don't neuter and spay could 
> all see this!!!  I get so sick of people who let their cats have 
> kittens so they can witness the miracle of life!  How I wish their 
> kids could watch all those precious cats and kittens being killed!!!!!!
> Lorrie

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