I wish mandatory s/n worked, but apparently it doesn't correlate with lower
pound intakes.  They went up when my town passed mandatory s/n.  (Whereas
they went down when we implemented low-cost s/n.)   From Ryan Clinton (and
please send flames his way, not mine):

"Research has demonstrated that mandatory spay/neuter laws have never
worked in any community to either increase spay/neuter rates or to decrease
shelter intake:

Not only that, but such laws have actually increased shelter intake and
killing as pets are either surrendered or seized for failure to pay
regressive fees:

It is also believed that such laws may reduce veterinary-care rates and
vaccination rates, including rabies vaccinations:

Thus, "anyone" and everyone who cares about animals should be against
mandatory spay/neuter laws.

In fact, nearly every single national animal-welfare organization IS
against mandatory spay/neuter laws, including Alley Cat Allies, Best
Friends Animal Society, the American Veterinary Medical Association,
American Humane, the Anti-Cruelty League, the No Kill Advocacy Center, and
both the American College of Theriogenologists and the Society of
Theriogenology (both specialist organizations of veterinarians who are
experts in spay/neuter), among many others."

On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 9:36 AM, Natalie <at...@optonline.net> wrote:

> Exposing the killing horrors to the public is the best way to call
> attention to it; as the saying goes, if shelters had to kill animals in
> glass houses in town squares, they would stop doing it – if it’s out of
> sight, out of mind, and easily swept under the rug., it will continue!
>  People must become aware of it, mandatory spay/neuter laws must be passed,
> and legislators must stop taking money and be continually influenced by
> lobbyists who want nothing more than to stop it – breeders, many
> veterinarians, and hunting groups (YES, would you believe?) and many more
> you would never suspect, are against any spay/neuter legislation! But it’s
> the ONLY answer! ****
> Natalie =^..^=****
> ** **
> P.S.****
> Maybe all of the rescuers in this group who have ideas, should take this
> offline….let’s put our heads together!****
> It can be done!****
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> Hiya Kathryn and everyone.   The federal statute you were referring to,
> Kathryn, is Section 1983, and my step-brother, Sheldon Eisenberg, is the
> one who wrote the "Section 1983 to the rescue", on Nathan's site you found,
> and Sheldon used it in court representing Cathy Nguyen and Nathan against
> Los Angeles County Dept of Animal Care and Control, which he won a
> stipulated order from the judge in that lawsuit. (Not that it does any good
> at all, now, but ...  whatever.   lol)
> I did not intend to correct any person in particular, just wanted to
> mention the name of the law, which is really easy to forget, actually, but
> really wonderful to be able to use for all being a FEDERAL STATUTE, and
> there are a lot of rescuers in here.
> ~Kat~
>  ****
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> Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2012 18:21:00 -0800
> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Fwd: Cat shelters
> What do you mean by ``rules''?   Laws?   If they are not in compliance
> with laws, then turn them in.   (Of course, if you're a rescuer pulling
> from these pounds, then you have to protect yourself using the federal law
> Section 1982: http://www.nathanwinograd.com/?p=728
> As for the citizens, put ads in the papers, and maybe even send out
> informative flyers (ask for the money to do so via a Chipin).
> You can also try to get social media attention via the various animal
> blogs that push shelter reform, e.g., YesBiscuit!.
> Who holds the contract with the pound?
> Don't give up.   It may take years, and we're seeing progress even in TX.
> Probably the moderator would like us to take this offline by now. . .****
> On Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 2:50 PM, Lee Evans <moonsiste...@yahoo.com> wrote:*
> ***
> The problem here is that I'm in Texas.  Killing is the State Sport.
> Unfortunately, most of the Animal Control Officers don't even know the new
> rules, which include acceptance of TNR as a way to control outside cats.
> They are still terrorizing people who have a small batch of backyard cats
> who are spayed/neutered and have their rabies shots. They are counting
> these cats in the 8 cat limit when the new code states specifically that
> they are NOT included in the cat limit rule.  They recently reduced the
> number of cats/dogs allowed to 8 from 10.  This makes no sense except when
> you realize that they will now charge for an "excess animal permit".  Then
> it makes sense to reduce the legal limit so that a number of people are now
> over the limit and have to purchase the permit.  Nasty little tricks.
> People who have received a citation in the past for having over the
> permissible limit of cats/dogs are prohibited from purchasing the permit.
> More nonsense.  It would help if all the ACO's were required to read the
> new codes and then be tested on whether or not they understand them.  The
> citizens of this city don't know the rules either.  Cat haters are
> terrorizing cat caring neighbors, threatening them with reporting them when
> there's nothing to report because the cat caregivers are actually in
> compliance.  I think that ignorance is our worst enemy. Even when we get
> good ordinances, they don't work because no one knows about them.****
> ** **
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