Has anyone used the friendly nematodes to spray around the house?  That’s all 
we use – except for a new cat coming in with fleas – they get zapped with it 
only once, period!



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I'm not a big fan of spot-on flea meds, either, as it only makes scientific 
sense that some will survive and be resistant to the poison (as with bacteria 
and abx).  


I've only had to use them (Advantage, which my vet said is the safest for cats, 
but your mileage may vary) once when we had a flea infestation that was 
spreading a red blood cell parasite and taking down the one who originally had 
it.   When I had some pound kitties come in with fleas, I only had to give them 
one Capstar (works for one day and kills only adult fleas).


In both instances, I also cleaned up the floor--which harbors 90% of the fleas 
(in egg/larvae form)--with a solution of food-grade (note NOT pool grade) 
diatomaceous earth, water, and non-toxic soap.   I have concrete floors, so I 
just painted this on.   (When I use DE dry, it messes up my sinuses and causes 
headaches, and isn't that good for kitty lungs, either.)   I have not had a 
problem for 2--3 years now.   If you have carpets, I've read that vacuuming 
every day (and disposing of the bag or emptying the canister) will also get 
most of the eggs.   You can also sprinkle DE or salt onto the carpet, brush it 
in, and leave for a day before vacuuming.


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Honestly, I found that a good old fashion bath with dawn dish soap and flea 
comb has been our best defense this year. ( along with a few house bombs) It 
sucks having to give everyone a bath but i like it more then putting greasy 
drops on my pets.


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I bought Frontline for my foster cats last summer and it was completely 
ineffective. The next time I was at my vet’s office, I mentioned it (because 
that’s where I bought it). The vet on duty (not my regular) said she had 
recently heard many similar complaints and surmised that fleas in our area were 
building an immunity to it. 


I switched to Advantage and it’s worked well. However, since then, I found a 
source for a generic equivalent and I’ve been using it for about a year now 
with no complaints. It’s $10 (free shipping) for 18 treatments for small cats 
or 9 treatments for larger cats. If anyone is interested, the company is 


I have no personal interest in this company or site. I’m just a very satisfied 




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