Thank for this advice. Kitty, the little feral, I rescued us living in her 
bedroom with all her toys and things. She is due for her vaccinations and very 
soon to be spayed. I'm holding off on the vaccinations but she will get spayed 
soon. Keeping fingers crossed that when I retest her she is negative so she can 
play with my other two cats.


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On Oct 6, 2012, at 9:12, MaiMaiPG <> wrote:

> I might give them rabies simply because of law enforcement issues but you 
> should be able to get a waiver for that.  I don't vaccinate sick/immune 
> compromised animals.
> On Oct 6, 2012, at 5:52 AM, Lorrie wrote:
>> What are your opinions on vaccinating FelV positive kittens??
>> They are 5 months old and should have their first vaccinations,
>> but I've had immune compromised kittens die from them, so I worry.
>> They do not go outside but are confined to three large rooms in
>> my cat sanctuary.
>> Lorrie
>> On 10-05, wrote:
>>> There seem to be a lot of questions about the flea meds.  I am having
>>> enough problems in deciding to vaccinate or not.  I have a couple who
>>> never go outside so are not exposed to critters that might infect them and
>>> 1 is 14 years old.  I am afraid that vaccinating her at that age might do
>>> more harm than good.  The others only go out for an hour or 2 and most of
>>> the time they are on the deck laying in the sun.  Rabies is required here,
>>> but not the others.  I do give the negative cats the FELV vaccine since I
>>> have 2 positives.
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