You can definitely get waiver for some medical issues or immunodeficiency.
 For rabies, if you can't get a waiver, insist on the purevax brand which
is non-adjuvanted.  It has less irritating ingredients, making it far less
likely to cause cancer etc.


On Saturday, October 6, 2012, MaiMaiPG <> wrote:
> I might give them rabies simply because of law enforcement issues but you
should be able to get a waiver for that.  I don't vaccinate sick/immune
compromised animals.
> On Oct 6, 2012, at 5:52 AM, Lorrie wrote:
>> What are your opinions on vaccinating FelV positive kittens??
>> They are 5 months old and should have their first vaccinations,
>> but I've had immune compromised kittens die from them, so I worry.
>> They do not go outside but are confined to three large rooms in
>> my cat sanctuary.
>> Lorrie
>> On 10-05, wrote:
>>> There seem to be a lot of questions about the flea meds.  I am having
>>> enough problems in deciding to vaccinate or not.  I have a couple who
>>> never go outside so are not exposed to critters that might infect them
>>> 1 is 14 years old.  I am afraid that vaccinating her at that age might
>>> more harm than good.  The others only go out for an hour or 2 and most
>>> the time they are on the deck laying in the sun.  Rabies is required
>>> but not the others.  I do give the negative cats the FELV vaccine since
>>> have 2 positives.
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be very wise
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