Also, if female cats continually go into heat but not bred they can develop a 
very dangerous condition.  It's called pyrometra........ something or another.  
Long time ago since my friend's cat got it so I'm not positive about the name.  
But it causes a very serious infection and can kill them if not caught.  Her 
cat had to have an emergency spay and the vet had to basically scrape her 
insides to clean out all the infection.  Very painful for the cat.

Cats are reproductively different than us so maybe that's why.  They do not 
drop their egg until they are stimulated (sex).  It may be that's why the 
male's penis has the barbs on it - to stimulate the female to drop the egg, 
thereby almost 100% guaranteeing fertilization.  Yes, I read too much.  Anyway, 
so if she's not getting booty then what happens to the egg?  I don't remember 
what I read about that but I think that's part of why they can develop this 

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Tubal ligations are even dangerous in human females.  They can open up, get 
infected, cause blockages, even lead to tubal pregnancies although I don't know 
exactly how that would happen.  I worked in a medical office for 12 years and 
tubals never seemed to work as advertised. Most women complained of pain long 
afterwards, cramping, even bleeding. In addition, tubal ligation does nothing 
to protect from breast cancer.  Cats are very prone to mammary cancer so 
spaying would be the best prevention for that terrible menace to cat health.  
One of my cats had been diagnosed as borderline diabetic. Since Cookie was 
going to be an indoor-only cat, the vet recommended leaving her intact, not 
spaying.  She was an older cat, went into heat about 3 times in my house and 
then gave it up as a bad idea.  But she
still had her hormone glands intact.  About 5 years after I took her in, I 
noticed that her belly fur was wet and clumpy and that her nipples had turned 
dark brown.  Her appetite was also failing and she actually was allowing me to 
touch her, she was so weak.  I took her to the vet.  He diagnosed multiple 
tumors in her mammary glands.  Hormones are NOT the fountain of youth for a 
cat. They do nothing for the immune system that good care, good food and good 
supplements can't do.  In addition, tubal ligation would do nothing to relieve 
the cat from the distress of going into heat when breeding season comes around. 
 That's very stressful especially when the cat is not going to be bred.  Same 
with vasectomy for a male cat.  You would have a howling, spraying cat pacing 
around the house or running out to bite and fight although he could not make a 
female pregnant.  Sometimes vasectomies reverse themselves so
the cat might end up being fertile after all.  It happens in humans quite 
often.  In cats, it still exposes them to the dangers of mating, including 
contracting FIV and FeLv.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 


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