The post I was responding to was about Veterinary treatment of un-vaccinated 
animals, not boarding. That was my focus. Still, that requirement for boarded 
animals to be vaccinated is not very effective, anyway. Most facilities allow 
the required vaccines to be given on intake, meaning that (unless they are 
long-term boarders) they will not develop any immunity before they leave the 
facility. Not very reassuring to me. But profitable for those providing the 

But I don't board. I guess people who board their pets have researched the 
issues, and are comfortable with the procedures in place.


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>Vets who have a boarding service will require vaccinations before 
>boarding the animal, as will any boarding facility.
>On 8/15/2014 5:49 AM, Margo wrote:
>> Really? I've never run into that, but maybe I just stayed away from them for 
>> other reasons. Sounds like they ae in it for the money. Because most of mine 
>> came from rescue situations, there vaccination status was unknown. I can't 
>> remember it ever being an issue when the cat needed help.
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