Mine were not symptomatic at the time they got the FVRCP. They became 
symptomatic immediately afterward. If there is a huge risk of getting 
panleukopenis (sp?)  You might want to take the risk - if you rescue a lot from 
AC. Otherwise it is another thing for their immune system to deal with. I don't 
give any of my cats FVRCP vax anymore since I stopped fostering except fot the 

Sharyl <cline...@yahoo.com> wrote:

>Again it really depends on the kitten.  I've rescued 10 FeLV kittens.  All had 
>their rabies shot and initial series of FVRCP shots.  All were asymptomatic at 
>the time.  None got sick from the vaccines.  I eventually lost all of them to 
>FeLV.  They lived from 1 yr to 4 yrs.  It is a decision each individual has to 
>make.  Mine got their rabies vax because it is required by law.  They got the 
>FVRCP series of 2 shots because I did not want to risk them getting distemper.
>There is no one rule that applies to all cats except to love them and give 
>them the best food and care you can.  It broke my heart to lose my FeLV babies 
>but they brought me so much joy.  I only hope I was able to give them 1/2 of 
>what they gave me. 
>Hugs to yours
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>Don't. My one got sick immediately after an FvRCP annual vaccination
>Lorrie <felineres...@frontier.com> wrote:
>>What are your opinions on vaccinating FelV positive kittens??
>>They are 5 months old and should have their first vaccinations,
>>but I've had immune compromised kittens die from them, so I worry.
>>They do not go outside but are confined to three large rooms in
>>my cat sanctuary.
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