Again it really depends on the kitten.  I've rescued 10 FeLV kittens.  All had 
their rabies shot and initial series of FVRCP shots.  All were asymptomatic at 
the time.  None got sick from the vaccines.  I eventually lost all of them to 
FeLV.  They lived from 1 yr to 4 yrs.  It is a decision each individual has to 
make.  Mine got their rabies vax because it is required by law.  They got the 
FVRCP series of 2 shots because I did not want to risk them getting distemper.
There is no one rule that applies to all cats except to love them and give them 
the best food and care you can.  It broke my heart to lose my FeLV babies but 
they brought me so much joy.  I only hope I was able to give them 1/2 of what 
they gave me. 
Hugs to yours

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Don't. My one got sick immediately after an FvRCP annual vaccination

Lorrie <> wrote:

>What are your opinions on vaccinating FelV positive kittens??
>They are 5 months old and should have their first vaccinations,
>but I've had immune compromised kittens die from them, so I worry.
>They do not go outside but are confined to three large rooms in
>my cat sanctuary.
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