Janine, I'm not sure where you got the 28 days from exposure to testing 
positive.   I don't think it is that cut and dried.  Most of what I have read 
suggest retesting in 60-90 days.  Like someone else has posted I wouldn't worry 
about the other 8 kittens.  I believe you wrote the one kitten has been 
isolated from the other 8.  FeLV is not as contagious as some would leave you 
to believe.  
I hope someone with more information will respond.

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Can anyone explain to me why if from point of exposure to actually testing pos 
is 28 days, if this is correct, why we can't just retest in one month using 
Elisa?  And if all excepting the one testing weak pos, stjill test neg, is this 
good enough?  All 8 kittens and some of their moms tested neg, just the one a 
weak pos.  I am asking because I am trying to make this make sense to me and 
keep everyone safe.  And foster homes understanding. 


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