The cat has only been lost a month - please do not give up!  Odds are he
has not gone far.  I found my Lee after 3.5 months lost. I helped a rescue
find a young kitten lost on the side of a road by acres and acres of woods
with most saying she would have been eaten by coyotes ... But we got her
back safe after a month, and saved another kitten to boot.  My favorite
quote from the various lost pet sites... The cat's job is to survive; your
job is to find the cat!  Do not give up, do not listen to pessimists.  Keep
checking the shelters and vets, keep putting up posters, etc.


On Tuesday, July 2, 2013, Lorrie <> wrote:
> I am so sorry you lost William, but I was confused by your post.
> Are you leaving the FelV group or looking for another FelV cat?
> I have a FelV sanctuary and all my positive cats are in good health
> now, but of course this could change. I would love it if they could
> have a real home. If you are looking for a high needs cat I have
> several. Where are you located.
> Lorrie
> On 07-01, Patricia Romagna wrote:
>>    Hi,
>>    I'm sorry but I will need to leave your discussions.  My cat, William
>>    (as in Shakespeare) ran away last month.  I just hope that he found a
>>    loving family.  When I went away for a week and a half I hired someone
>>    to come to my house just in case he returned home.  I live in a
>>    townhouse community so every house looks the same and he never left
>>    house before.  I will probably get another high needs cat.  I adopted
>>    William knowing that he had leukemia.  Basically I want to adopt a cat
>>    that no one else wants.  Wishing all of the best to the members of the
>>    group.
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