Not sure I understand.  He was neg for both FIV n FELV 3 weeks ago but is
positive now?  Do you know what tests were run-possibilities are Elissa
(snap test done in office) and IFA (blood work sent out).  Swollen lymph
nodes could be a lot of things.  particularly if he's running around and
eating and gaining weight!  


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Hi Folks,

My kitty Rumi was just diagnosed with Felv and Fiv today.  He had been
treated for a severe anemaia over the past few weeks (transfusions and
antibiotics + pred) and as recently as 3 weeks ago was FIV and Felv negative
on blood samples.

His PCV went from 8 to 26 today - a great recovery.  My daughter an I
noticed some swollen lymph nodes yesterday and when we showed them to the
vets today they said that his prognosis is grave given that we now know he
is Felv positve. They beleive there is probably an underlying fast growing
cancer responsible for the nodes and have said evenif they find it and treat
with chemo he will only have 4 or 5 months at best ( they said take the
weekend to think about it).  So hard to beleive when you see him running
around and purring in your lap and gaining weight.  We are pretty broken up
about it - he is an awesome 2 year old cat that we got from a shelter only a
month ago.  Anyone have experiences that are similar or other thoughts?  




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