My Nitnoy crossed over today at 12:45.    She had been with me since 2008, 
survived a raccoon biting of her tail and being FELV +.  There was nothing to 
idicate whaat was going on.  During the holidays, she was not doing well so 
took her to ER.  They did x-rays and complete bloodwork.  I had told them she 
was FELV+ but they did not seem upset that she was just 1 point low on red and 
white cells.  After the holiday, I took her to my vet as she was not improving, 
had not passed urine or stool.  First thing he did was look at her anal glands. 
 They were impacted and infected.  He cleaned them out and gave her Covina and 
we brought home Orbax to be given once daily.  Everything was much better, she 
was back to her self.  Then Friday, she began hiding, not eating or drinking so 
took her to vet on Saturday.  ONE THING SHE DID THAT STRUCK ME ODD - SHE TRIED 
dr was not there, but his wife (also a vet) was.  She said her lymph glands 
were slightly enlarged and gums very pale.  We did another blood panel.  Her 
white cells were .98 and her red blood cells were 3.2.  Kidney and liver 
functions were normal as were creatine and bun.  We thought about going to ER 
for transfusion, but she would have to stay over the weekend in a cage and we 
decided the stress would outweigh any good it might do plus her body might just 
kill the new blood and we would be right back where we started plus stress.  
Again, gave Covina shot and started again on Orbax.  I wanted to try a tonic 
that has worked wonders on cancers, etc.  Vet said ok but keep a record of what 
I did in case it worked.  She actually seemed to improve.  I was feeding with 
an eye dropper aruond 50 ml every hour (i can ad mixed with 3 cans hot water so 
she could swallow and also to egt fluids into her.  She got around 50ml of 
tonic also.  She took a turn for the worse this am at 3:30, but then seemed to 
get better.  She was breathing easier, heart was strong and she responded to my 
voice and touch.  By 12:45, she had gone completely the opposite direction.  I 
was holding her aganst me as she seemed to like the body warmth when she gasped 
3 or 4 times and the light in her eyes went out.  I knew she was going and I 
told her it was all right.  She held on with her claws, gave a sigh and that 
was all.

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