The caveat to the "no kill" (as defined in the Asilomar Accords) is that all
it means is they will not kill adoptable animals.  Unfortunately, its up to
the individual shelter/rescue to define what they consider "adoptable".  All
too often, facilities that advertise themselves as "no kill" really mean
that they will kill all ill, senior, problem behavior, etc. animals but
never kill a healthy easily adoptable animals.  These kinds of facilities
never ever publish their "euthanasia matrix" which is where they define
their policy on who they will kill.  True no kills (as we think it means &
as defined by Nathan Winograd) are tough to find.  I volunteer for one such
shelter in New Orleans (ARNO) & the handful of animals they've put down have
been terminally ill animals who were either comatose or in intractable pain.
They never put down for fiv or felv!  


The shelter you cited clearly is a kill shelter & why they wouldn't have
alerted you to the cat's test results & given you some time demonstrates an
attitude that is unfortunately all too common.  I'm so sorry this happened
to you but please know that River had love from you-something she likely
hadn't had in a very long time.


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