They may call themselves a "shelter" but killing the animals dragged them down 
to a level of  a "pound" I would call them a "death camp" if you ask me...
This shelter/pound I brought River is a charity organization I believe and 
works with donations. 


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According to her email it wasn't a pound, it was a so-called no-kill shelter.
"Pounds" are usually owned by the local municipality.

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What pound was this?  

That's one of the only good things about the pounds around here is that they 
don't test for FIV/Felv, so then they don't kill for it.   Of course, I think 
they should test, and still not kill for it.

These are the open-admission No Kill (saving 90%+) shelters in the 
U.S.:   Since 
they made you wait for an opening, they are not open-admission by that list 
compiler's standards.   There are many so-called no-kill (note the lowercase 
letters) ``shelters'' that are not open-admission, and many say they are 
no-kill even if they do kill, presumably to get donations.   

The only way you can absolutely tell if a pound is a No Kill shelter is to 
somehow get their intake/transfer/kill stats---sometimes via FOIA (Freedom of 
Information Act).  If you're lucky, they post them on their website.

Most pounds in this country are just killing machines, unfortunately.   See the 
bottom of my messages for how to change this.  Fortunately, now that people 
know it can be done, they are demanding their pounds become No Kill shelters.   
All it will take is time.  Hopefully, in my lifetime.

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