Anytime you change food, you should mix the old & the new for a few days as
they often get diarrhea.  


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Thanks Kathryn & Christiane.  
Both kittens just had diarrhea, no blood in the stool & no blood in the

She is feeding them wet food, Friskies/wet and Meow Mix/wet.  I have tried
to get the kittens to eat Before Grain wet food, but they will not eat it.
The kittens will lap up a little water, but nothing excessive.  Problem is,
they walk away and vomit up the water.

Kittens were eating good Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.  I gave them some dry
food on Thursday or Friday night, Natures Variety Instinct.  Maybe their
tummies just didn't like the new food.

I am very worried, the kittens go back to their home tomorrow AM.  The
kittens have had the first round of shots & testing.  I have called their
human parents twice and left two messages.

On Sun, Nov 4, 2012 at 4:26 PM, Christiane Biagi <>

Are they eating the food they usually eat or did they have a change of food
when they came to your house?  


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I am kitten-sitting two kittens this weekend for a friend.  The kittens ate
well for the first two days, but yesterday they turned their nose up at
food.  Today neither kitten is eating and they are both throwing up water.
Yesterday one of the kittens had diarrhea.  Neither has done #2 today.  Both
kittens are playful, drinking water and alert, but I am very worried about
them not eating.  I have called their owner and left a message about the

The owner says that both kittens have been tested for "all diseases".  I
have not let the kittens have contact with my 5 house-cats.  Today one of my
cats had some diarrhea, so I am hoping that the kittens are not getting my
cats sick..

Any suggestions?  The kittens go back to their house tomorrow at 10:00am.

I am using Tidy Cats Pure Nature for their cat litter.

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