Thanks Kathryn & Christiane.
Both kittens just had diarrhea, no blood in the stool & no blood in the

She is feeding them wet food, Friskies/wet and Meow Mix/wet.  I have tried
to get the kittens to eat Before Grain wet food, but they will not eat it.
The kittens will lap up a little water, but nothing excessive.  Problem is,
they walk away and vomit up the water.

Kittens were eating good Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.  I gave them some
dry food on Thursday or Friday night, Natures Variety Instinct.  Maybe
their tummies just didn't like the new food.

I am very worried, the kittens go back to their home tomorrow AM.  The
kittens have had the first round of shots & testing.  I have called their
human parents twice and left two messages.

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> Are they eating the food they usually eat or did they have a change of
> food when they came to your house?  ****
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> I am kitten-sitting two kittens this weekend for a friend.  The kittens
> ate well for the first two days, but yesterday they turned their nose up at
> food.  Today neither kitten is eating and they are both throwing up water.
> Yesterday one of the kittens had diarrhea.  Neither has done #2 today.
> Both kittens are playful, drinking water and alert, but I am very worried
> about them not eating.  I have called their owner and left a message about
> the vomiting.
> The owner says that both kittens have been tested for "all diseases".  I
> have not let the kittens have contact with my 5 house-cats.  Today one of
> my cats had some diarrhea, so I am hoping that the kittens are not getting
> my cats sick..
> Any suggestions?  The kittens go back to their house tomorrow at 10:00am.
> I am using Tidy Cats Pure Nature for their cat litter.****
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