Had you euthanized him when you first found out, he and you would hve missed 
all that love and happy memories

---- Sally Davis <putty...@gmail.com> wrote: 
> That being said I have 7 cats that were all exposed that are still with me.
> And one that passed lat summer unrelated to FeLV she was 10.
>  A long time ago before we knew much about Felv I had a can named Black
> Jack. He lived to be 11. He was always somewhat sickly. In the end he had a
> wound infection that would not heal. My dad took him to the vet which would
> be his last visit. I cherish all the time I had with him The vet said it
> was Felv. He had been treated with antibiotcs several tmes. He was so very
> special.
> Sally
> >

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