consider adding Agaricus blazeii for white cell stimulation, obtaining from .  It worked great for my felv- boy when he was going
thru chemo for multi site lymphoma, the vets were astonished how great his
bloodwork was. Normally the white count would drop dramatically but his
stayed normal.  I get the human capsules then mix it in the wet food.  He
is super fussy but ate it without problem.  It is not very expensive, about
$1 a day.

the agaricus blazeii is a standard support recommended by Dr Alice Villa
Lobos, one of the top feline cancer speciaiists in the US.  Google immuno
nutrition villa lobos to find out more.

another thing to consider is transfer factor, more expensive but it is the
stuff in mother's milk that stimulates, trains and regulates the immune
system.  It works for any mammal.  There are several versions, the more
expensive one with tri-factor is supposed to tune up the immune system over
400 per cent.  I used to use it but had to give up due to the cost.  Can be
bought on Amazon.

good luck

On Sun, Mar 3, 2013 at 10:30 AM, Lance <> wrote:

> Thanks for relating your experience, Sally. That link might come in handy,
> too. I wish we had more to go on than anecdotes, though. It seems like
> there haven't been that many studies done to confirm what treatments work
> best. I'm considering:
> ImmunoRegulin
> Virbagen Omega
> Neupogen
> I don't know if I can afford Neupogen, and when I talked to my vet about
> it, she seemed uncertain. It has a reputation for causing bone pain, and if
> I can help it, I don't want to give Ember something that makes her
> miserable.
> Virbagen Omega is expensive, but I know (roughly) how much it costs, and
> it's worth it to me if it can help Ember. There seems to have been some
> success in its use. Unfortunately, it still doesn't seem to be available
> here, and shipping is a good chunk of its cost.
> LTCI and ImmunoRegulin seem affordable and potentially useful. When I was
> last looking into these options, there wasn't much evidence to support
> LTCI's benefits. It seems to have become more accepted over the last few
> years, but I'm still feeling cautious about it.
> I'll do a more thorough scan of the list's archives soon, and I'm going to
> call a few vets tomorrow.
> Lance
> On Mar 3, 2013, at 12:25 AM, Sally Davis <> wrote:
> Lance,
> Two of my cats got this. Junior went from being anemic to borderline low
> and his fevers which had been as high as 106.5 went away. Now As I am
> reading more I wish I had kept him on it.  Tiny wasa asymptomatic but he
> was positive. He actually passed 4 mos after testing positive. The felv
> probably played a part. He most likely threw a clot  I was with him and was
> too sudden. There was no emergency vet visit. The worst part was he died on
> Chstmas day. I miss them all.I ordered the IR from Revival Pet supply. I
> ordered mine direct does not require a presciption.
> It was more if my
> vet ordered it. I took the vial in to the vet's office and a tech  gave him
> the injection IV.
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