No, I have never seen one throw the virus off.
I think fostering the FeLV cats is probably easier than fostering healthy cats, 
actually. I have done that plenty of times, too. At least I don't have to deal 
with constantly getting attached to cats only to have them adopted out & I 
don't have to deal with kittens, which can be so much work.


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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Mixing & Fostering (Beth)

Beth I didn't know you fostered FelV cats.  Have you had any who eventually
threw off the virus?  All of the kittens I've taken in as FelV positive, who
must have acquired the virus from their mother, have died within two years. 
However, from one litter of FelV kittens I have an male who is now 4 years
old, and he was the only one in his litter who did NOT test positive when I
took them in, and I later tested him and he was still negative.

I really admire you for fostering FelV cats.  It can be heartbreaking
when they become sick and die. I've had three PTS since October. They
would have been a year old in May.  One from this same litter is still 
fine, or seems to be. I will retest her soon.


On 04-23, Beth wrote:
>    Chris -
>    I would search the archives on "mixing". A lot of us mix our positive &
>    non-positive, vaccinated cats. I have done it for over 10 years with no
>    transmission of the virus to my healthy cats. I even have had FIV cats
>    mix with the FeLV cats with no problems. And, yes, I do retest my
>    negatives.
>    It becomes a little difficult when you foster healthy cats for a
>    shelter. I only foster FeLV cats these days. The shelter would not
>    allow me to foster both positives & negative, even if they were
>    separated.
>    Beth

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