Dear Amanda,

Here is a list of food I have been trying with my very picky Felv+, CRF
stage 4, 16 yrs old cat:

Can food:
Soulistic glee fish based cans (Petco store brand, the crf group finds that
it generally works works well to make cats to eat again)
AvoDerm Tuna&Crab
Fancy Feast, Classic tuna/salmon based can
Canyon Creek Ranch, Trout & Catfish
Weruva, Tuna & shirasu
Tiki cat, Tuna
BFF, Tuna Aspic
Simply nourish (Petsmart store brand), tuna & potato stew, salmon & chicken
stew, tuna & chicken stew

Treat: whole life

If none of above works, I would probably try syringe feeding to maintain
Polli's weight. For our cat, after her weight was low to some point, she
just stopped eating. But after we brought her weight back this week, she
starts eating by herself again (even though her anemic level has been
almost the same, pcv 9%-12%). Other possibility is to ask vet to prescribe
appetite stimulants like Mirtazapine, which I heard works pretty well. The
CRF group has a page talking about how to tempt cats to eat, although it is
not particular for FeLV + cats, but the techniques mentioned work on our

Hope this can help Polli...

On Thu, May 2, 2013 at 9:11 PM, Amanda Payne <>wrote:

> Hello everyone!
> This is my first time using this forum :)
> I have a ten month old kitty, Polli, who was diagnosed with FeLV about two
> months ago.  At that time, she started licking the walls and our potted
> plants in addition increasing lethargy.  I took her to the vet where she
> was diagnosed with severe anemia related to FeLV.  We were told we'd have
> to assist her to the rainbow bridge within days of the diagnosis.
>  Thankfully, she's a fighter and is still with us.  However, her appetite
> has been cause for worry.  She's crazy about Temptations Treats and deli
> ham (I know, not the most nutritious diet but I'm thankful for anything she
> eats).  The last two days, though, she won't eat.  I've offered her baby
> food, Tiki Cat, Ziwi's wet food, lunch meat, tuna and her favorite treats
> but to no avail.  I understand that the end may be near but I want to give
> everything a shot before I make that call.
> So, my question is, what do you give your cat that they just can't say no
> to? I'd love and appreciate any suggestions!
> Thank you,
> -Amanda
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